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Digital media
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PhishingWhen someone poses as an institution, like a bank or a school, and sends you a personalized message asking you to provide private informationShortened URLA web address that has been condensed and that could potentially mislead a user into going into a risky websiteCredibleAble to be believed; trustworthyEditorialsArticles or blogs that are meant to persuade the reader of the author's opinion and which may include bias or leave out important factsSatireWebsites or articles that are meant to be funny by making fun of a subject and which often include statements that are untrueHoaxesArticles that are meant to fool the reader into believing something that isn't true by trying to be as realistic as possibleEvaluateTo carefully examine something to figure out its valueBiasHaving preference for one thing over another in a way that's unfairCorroborationAn additional source that confirms or supports a news story, article, or piece of information