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Excuse my type-os, I was going in a hurry. If you see any, feel free to fix them yourself, or let me know.

The Grange

The other name for the national association of farmers called the Patrons of Husbandry

Oliver H. Kelley

An employee of the Deparment of Agriculture who founded the Grange

Interstate Commerce Act of 1887

when the best known "granger law," which regulated railroad freight rates was declared unconstitutional, the grangers appealed to the federal grovernment for help. This act was the result:

Cooperatives/ Co-ops

a business operated for the benefit of its members. These were used by the grangers


the process in which the supply of money is increased, the value of the dollar declines and prices go up


these were withdrawn by congress when the farmers preference for cheap money became clear

Greenback labor Party

party that advocated that the federal government increase the number of greenbacks in circulation

Free Silver Movement

the call for unlimited coinage of silver

Bland-Allison act and the Sherman Silver Purchase Act

two acts that provided for the government to purchase and coin at least a limited amount of silver each month

Farmer's Alliances

politically active regional groups that farmers began to organize into

Populist Party

labor groups that organized the People's Party


What word sums up this phrase? "the government ought to do something about it."

Jay Gould and Jim Fisk

two men that created a scheme to corner the Gold Market

September 24, 1869

the date of "Black Friday"

(Samuel J.) Tridden

The democratic candidate from New York for the election of 1876

Rutherford B. Hayes

The republican candidate from ohio for the elction of 1876

(his attempts to reform the) civil service program

What was president Hayes best remembered for?

Carl Schurz

cabinet member of Hayes that encouraged his efforts in reforming the civil service program

Lemonade Lucy

the nickname of Mrs. Hayes because of her refusal to allow acoholic beverages in the white house

Penleton Act of 1883

this act was the basis for the modern civil service program

civil Service Comission

administer eaminations to applicants in the different sates to fill the positions on the basis of proven quailifations

Grover Cleaveland

the first democrat to win the presidency ater the Civil war

Francis Folsom

she married cleveland at age 21 and became the nations youngest first lady

Interstate Commerce Act

this act marked the beginning of federal regulation of transportation facilities.

Electoral count act of 1887

this act was adopted to prevent another dispuited election like in 1876

Thomas B. Reed

nicknamed "czar" because of his aggressive leadership, he was the speaker of the house during the Harrison Administration

McKinley Tariff

this tariff gave a higher degree of protection to american industry than any tariff passed up to that time

Sherman Antitrust Act

this act broke up monopolies

William Mckinley

won the election of 1896, and favored maintaining the gold standard,

William Jennings Bryan

democrat nominee who ran against McKinley, also known as one of the greatest orators of all time

Front Porch Campaign

name of the campaign that McKinley used because of his sick wife

Gold Standard Act

act that made gol the sole stanard of monetary value

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