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a Chinese symbol of heaven in a jade disk


Deity who refrains from entering nirvana to help others


Buddhist assembly hall

Chakra Dharma

Wheel of law or "teaching"

Emperor Shih Huang Ti

Chinese emperor noted for 2 monumental projects: he began construction on the Great Wall of China and his great underground Tomb, discovered in 1974, with hundreds of terra-cotta statues of army

Forbidden City

Constructed in early 15th century (1407-1420) in the Ming dynasty. Only Chinese emperors and their officials were allowed into it. Yellow, the symbol of the Chinese royal family is the dominate color in Forbidden City-used for tile, decorations, even road bricks


a libation vessel that is covered


In Japan, a hall used to spread Buddhist teachings


a magical, geometric symbol of the cosmos, circular in shape


a stylized and symbolic hand gesture in Buddhism and Hinduism


an after-life in which reincarnation ends and teh soul is absorbed into the supreme spirit also known as "Samsara"


a multi-story tower built over a sacred relic

Shiva, Vishnu, Devi

3 most important deities of Hinduism


a Hindu god of destruction and creation


the man who became Buddha Sakyamuni, "the enlightened one"


a hemispherical Buddhist shrine


an account of a sermon or dialogue involving the Buddha


a gateway near a stupa


Japanese style woodblock prints of the Edo period depicting genre scenes usually featuring the urban life of the bourgeoisies with meticulous details of clothing


a circle of hair, usually symbolized as a dot, between the eyebrows of a Hindu or a Buddhist figure


cranial bump- or stylized protuberance from Buddha's forehead, symbolizing superhuman consciousness


a Japanese style of painting that uses only Japanese themes, has strong diagonal lines and with very little individuality of the facial features

Yin & Yang

complementary polarities. The YIN is cool, dark, soft, moist, weak and yielding. The YANG is hot, bright, hard, dry strong and unyielding

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