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What are the major components of the E-3 ESMS
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Actions taken to attempt to retain use of its EM equipment, despite the attacking force's use of EW the definition of ____________Electronic ProtectionThe two types of data collection in SIGINT are ____________ and ____________COMINT and ELINTThe collection of technical and intelligence information from foreign communications by other than the intended recipient is ____________COMINTThe gathering of information from foreign, non-communication types of EM radiation is ____________ELINT____________ is the unit of frequency measurementHertzWhat does the Scan Control Table (SCT) establish?The search strategiesThe hierarchies are divided into what two major elements?Platforms and EmittersOf the ELF, PLF, and SLIK which can be updated during mission planning?ELF and PLFOf the ELF, PLF, and SLIK which can be updated while in the air?ELF and PLFEstablishes how often this part of the spectrum will be searched within a single pass of the SCTRevisitThe time needed to get a single pulse. If not long enough it may cause the emitter to be missedInitial Dwell TimeThe rate of motion for EM energySpeedThe axis of movement perpendicular to the direction of both the electrical and magnetic fieldsDirectionThe orientation of a wave's electrical fieldPolarizationThe number of cycles or repetitions of a sine wave that occur per secondFrequencyThe time it takes for EM energy to complete one cyclePeriodPoint of the waveform through which the wave is passingPhaseThe distance between points having a corresponding phase in two consecutive cycles of a sine waveWavelengthWhich parameter is changed to affect the pitch of a carrier waveFrequencyWhich parameter is changed to affect the tone of a carrier waveAmplitudeAllowing the insantaneous carrier amplitude to be controlled by the characteristics of the modulating signal is ____________Amplitude Modulationwhen the modulation signal is applied in the amplitude modulation process what are the new frequencies generated called?SidebandsWhat is the definition of Pulse ModulationPM involves turning an RF transmitter on for a short period of time and of for a long period of timeDescricbe FMOP (Frequency modulation on Pulse)the frequency is made to increase or decrease along the length of the transmitted pulseDescribe PMOP (Phase modulation on Pulse)The phase of the frequency is made to very along the length of the pulseWhat is the time that the radar set is transmitting RF energy?Pulse DurationWhat is the number of pulses per second that the radar transmits defined as?Pulse Repetition FrequencySignal or echo that is received when a pulse is reflected from a targetSignal StrengthThe distance that a radar pulse travels in 12.4 micro secondsRadar MileWhat is the distance in degrees between the half power points of a beamBeam widthThe method of pulse coding that increases range resolution while keeping a long range detection capabilityChirpingThe ability of a radar to separate two targets close in azimuth at approximately the same rangeAzimuth resolutionWhat parameters affect the range resolution of a radarPulse durationWhat parameters affect maximum and minimum theoretical rangePulse Reptation Interval and Pulse Repetition FrequencyWhat parameter affects azimuth resolutionBeam widthWhat type of sector would you use to reduce AEF overloads?A Pulse rejection SectorThe PDS average scan cycle time exceeds a defined threshold. Remove auto processing, no-scan, or change direct scan.PDS Scan OverloadWhat is the function of the LRUDProvides the most comprehensive fault detection and isolation to identify faulty SRUs.How are early warning radars best described?They provide all azimuth, all altitude coverage at ranges up to 200 nmWhat kind of scan, pulse width and beam width do early warning radars normally useLong pulse widths and narrow beamsWhat are the usual power and PRF characteristics of acquisition radarsLow to medium power and medium PRFwhat type of beam does a V-Beam radar at a GCI site havea Vertical and Slant beamGCI radars provide what type of informationazimuth, range and altitude informationTT Radars, in general, use what type of PW and Beam Widthshort pulse width and small beam widthWhat type of information is normally provided by TI radarsContinuous illumination of a targetMG radars normally use what kind of scanSteady ScanUsing each echo pulse from the target to determine a new azimuth and elevation correction signal is the definition of ____________MonopulseUsing two narrow pencil beams, each pointed slightly off antenna boresight, is ____________Sequential LobingContinuously rotating an offset antenna beam is ____________Conical scanIf a lobe on receive only mode of operation is used with a conscan radar, the radar is called ____________Conical Scan Receive onlyThe mode of transmitting on one antenna that does not scan and receiving on another antenna that does scan is called ____________Lobe on receive onlyIf a lobe on receive only mode of operation is used with a track while scan radar, the radar is called ____________Track while scan receive onlyA radar that uses calculations based on the frequency difference between the transmitted pulse and the received pulse is ____________Pulse DopplerUsing two separate beams and two separate antennas on two different frequencies with one scanning in elevation and the other scanning in the horizontal is the definition of ____________Track while scanRadar that Sweeps around a full circle with a steady elevationCircularRadar that sweeps back and forth across a sectorBidirectionalRadar that Sweeps through a sector in one directionUnidirectionalScan type that is produced by rotating a feed horn around the center of a stationary discConicalScan type that is a thin beam used to cover a rectangular area by horizontally sweeping the areaRasterA scan that has no motion but the antenna may move to follow a targetSteadyA scan that is a thin beam scanned conically to cover a larger circular areaspriralThe conical scan combined or superimposed on another type of scanPalmerCapable of producing and switching between various types of scan patternsAgileIncreasing revisits in Scan Requirements will have what effect on scan timesIncrease themwhat things tend to have an effect on triangulation capabilityRange, RF, Aircraft bank angle, and orbitWhat call is used to request ambiguity resolution from the SIACOLORWhat document dictates the EEP requirements before offboard reporting can occurSPINSWhat are the three types of special tunesLong Scan analysis (Bad), Long PRI analysis, and Constant Wave analysisWhat special tune is always automatic and cannot be turned offLPRIAWhat special tune provides the analysis is commonly used first to eliminate ambiguous emitters?LPRIA____________ has the largest impact on overall system scan timesLSAAircraft is gathering EOB on a designated emitter; generally followed by signal type, bearing, and range if ableWorkingWhat is the call made when a known identification to a specified system at the stated locationTAGNo emitters of interest detectedEmptyTactical report used to provide perishable information of tactical significance for the immediate attention of tactical commandersTACREP (A, E, G)