Biochem Ch. 4

What are the different types of passive diffusion/transport?
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How does valinomycin affect K+ gradient?Valinomycin binds K+ and diffuses across the membrane to gradually dissipate the gradientWhich carrier-type ionophores exchange H+ for Na+?NigericinWhich carrier-type ionophores exchange H+ for K+?MonensinIonomycin and A23187Ca2+ ionophoresPolymer antibiotics such as amphotericin B and nystatin exert their cytotoxic action by:Making the membrane of the target cell permeable to ions and small moleculesAmphotericin B and nystatin are active against ________ but not ______Active against yeasts, fungi, and eukaryotic cells but not bacteriaAmphotericin B and nystatin works against membranes that contain ______SterolsProtein mediated transport is a ______ process with _______Saturable process with high substrate specificityInfantile cystinosis results from accumulation of cystine in lysosomes due to.....A defect in the lysosomal transport protein (cystinosine)Classical presentation of infantile cystinosis include:-polyuria -failure to thrive -episode of severe dehydration -glucosuria -proteinuria -generalized aminoaciduria -phosphaturiaCystinosis is treated with ______ which increases the transport of cystine from lysosomes which delays the decline in renal failureCysteaminePellagra-like skin changes on the face, neck, forearms, and dorsal aspects of the hands and feet occur in which disease?Hartnup diseaseIn Hartnup disease, the skin becomes....Scaly, rough, and hyperpigmentedIs hypo or hyperaminoaciduria present in urinalysis of a Hartnup disease patient?HyperaminoaciduriaThe pellagra-like dermatitis and neurological involvement of Hartnup disease resembles...Nutritional niacin deficiencyHow is Hartnup disease treated?Treat with oral niacin (nicotinic acid) supplements