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-Projection: A psychological defense mechanism in which one attributes to others characteristics that one is unwilling to recognize in oneself
- Frustration-aggression: When unable to achieve or obtain something we desire, we sometimes retaliate against another person or group of people (sometimes called a scapegoat—anyone who bears the blame for others)
-Countering insecurity and inferiority: Insecure people seek to feel better about themselves by putting down another group
-Authoritarianism: Being inflexible and rigid and having a low tolerance for uncertainty. An authoritarian personality has a great respect for authority figures and quickly submits to their will
-History: Groups now viewed by white prejudiced persons as being second class are groups that have been either conquered, enslaved, or admitted into our society on a subordinate basis
-Competition and exploitation: In our society, once whites achieved dominance, they then used (and still are using) their power to exploit nonwhites through cheap labor. Throughout history in most societies, the dominant group (which has greater power and wealth) has sought to maintain the status quo by keeping those who have the least in an inferior position
- Socialization patterns: Prejudice is also a learned phenomenon and is transmitted from generation to generation through socialization processes
- Belief in the one true religion: A person with such a belief system comes to the conclusion that he or she is one of "God's chosen few." Feeling superior to others often leads a person to devalue "heathens," and then to treat them in an inferior way
- White Supremacy: Arguably the most consistent, though often covert, pervasive perspective of American history, though who is/isn't considered 'white' changes over time and situation. Always, however, Black Americans have received the worst consequences of White Supremacy. In American, this really 'defines' Racism generally.