3 main controls/inputs the driver uses to dictate speed and direction of the vehicle
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distribution of weight transfer in front, back, and sidesfront-brake back-brake sides-turning_______ has a higher center of gravity and can tip more easilySUVswhat is drive at a speed that is reasonable and proper for traffic, vehicle, visibility, and roadway conditions?basic speed lawdriver should operate the gas pedal and brake pedal with their _______ footrightwhat gear does an automatic transmission car need to be in, in order for it to startpark (or neutral)what is it called to smoothly and gradually release braking pressure at the end of a braking maneuver?squeeze off brakingwhat 3 types of distances make up TOTAL stopping distance?perception distance+ reaction distance+ braking distancethe average driver takes ____ to ____ of a second to recognize a need to take action and respond to a hazard (IF NOT DISTRACTED)1/2 to 3/4if your car has ABS, and you encounter an emergency in front of you that requires you to stop immediately, you should ______ and ______stomp and steer4 proper steps to backing up?1. perform a walk around of your car 2. place foot on brake + shift to reverse 3. back slowly 4. turn and look out rear windowwhat does S.M.O.G. stand forSignal, Mirrors, look OVER shoulder--blind spot, and GO when clearwhat are 3 things that are required when turning and joining the flow of traffic?speed control, steering skills, and spacial judgementwhat making a perpendicular turn, you should not exceed _____ mph10if you are making a turn in the city, you should signal _____ ft before your intended turn100if you are making a turn into a rural area, you should signal _____ ft before your intended turn200When parking your vehicle parallel to the curb on a level street, the vehicle must be within _____ inches of the curb12when parking on a hill, always ___________________set your parking brakewhat are the 3 questions you should ask yourself before you pass someone?Is it safe? Is it worth it? Is it legal?