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  1. resting potential
  2. phantom limb
  3. action potential
  4. limbic system
  5. olfactory bulb
  1. a a brain area that receives and processes information from the smell receptors in the nose
  2. b the electrical charge on the inside of a neuron at rest. It measures precisely -70 millivolts
  3. c the feeling that persists in a limb that has been amputated. This demonstrates that the sense of feeling is in the brain
  4. d the firing of a neuron. An electical charge travels from one end to the other
  5. e a series of interconnected structures that lie between the brainstem and the cortex; it processes emotional feelings and reactions

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  1. openings in the myelin cover where sodium can enter the cell
  2. the branches at the end of the axon of a neuron that send a chemical signal to a muscle, an organ, or to another neuron
  3. the major type of cell in the nervous system that sends and receives signals. Often called a brain cell
  4. the process that occurs as positively charged sodium ions enter a neuron and the inside of the cell becomes more positively charged
  5. the surface membrane of a neuron is so called because some things can enter it and some things can enter it and some cannot

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  1. Williams syndromea rare genetic disorder that causes a number of problems including cognitive difficulties


  2. multiple sclerosisa rare genetic disorder that causes a number of problems including cognitive difficulties


  3. somathe body of a cell


  4. inattentional blindnessnot being able to see what is right in front of your eyes


  5. hippocampusan important area located just below the thalamus that serves as a regulator or control center for a number of motivations, such as hunger or thirst


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