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  1. cerebellum
  2. peripheral nervous system
  3. all-or-none law
  4. neuron
  5. thalamus
  1. a a brain area that serves as a relay center for the senses
  2. b the nerves that bring messages from the body to the spinal cord together with the nerves that send messages out from the spinal cord to the body
  3. c the major type of cell in the nervous system that sends and receives signals. Often called a brain cell
  4. d the part of the brain attached to the back of the brainstem. Its main job is to control coordinated body movements
  5. e refers to the fact that when a neuron fires the signal goes all the way and at full strength

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  1. first described neurons through drawings, calling them "butterflies of the soul"
  2. the electrical charge on the inside of a neuron at rest. It measures precisely -70 millivolts
  3. a brain area that receives and processes information from the smell receptors in the nose
  4. the white, fatty substance that surrounds portions of the axon of a neuron
  5. the nerves that work mostly automatically in the control of body organs and basic life functions

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  1. fusiform face areaa specialized area that allows quick recognition and memory of faces


  2. axonal transmissionworks with cerebellum and cortex for smooth and coordinated body movements


  3. electroencephalogram (EEG)the firing of a neuron. An electical charge travels from one end to the other


  4. limbic systema series of interconnected structures that lie between the brainstem and the cortex; it processes emotional feelings and reactions


  5. axonthe relatively long branch that extends out of the soma of a neuron and carries messages