Manifest Destiny and American Reform

Eli Whitney invented the ____________ __________ in 1793, which dramatically increased the production of the South's major cash crop.
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Which of the following describes President Polk's charge to John Slidell? [choose all that apply]negotiate for the purchase of New Mexico and California, resolve the dispute concerning the annexation of TexasWhich of the following individuals was instrumental in bringing about reforms in how the United States cared for the mentally ill?Dorothea DixWhich of the following was NOT one of the four powers that had laid claim to the Oregon Territory before 1819?FranceSteamboats were especially valuable in which of the following American regions?the MidwestMostly because of the efforts of Theodore Dwight Weld, which of the following states became the center of abolitionist activity in the 1830s? [choose all that apply]New York, OhioAccording to the course materials, which of the following regions is the best example of how the market economy caused regions to specialize in certain goods?the SouthThe early women's rights advocates in the first half of the nineteenth century gathered for the first time at the _____________ _____________ Convention in 1848.Seneca FallsThe focus on ____________ by Methodists and Baptists reflected the rise of democracy in American culture and the increased individualism of frontier regions.freedom of choiceWhich of the following best describes the Frontier Thesis?The frontier was the most influential factor in the formation of American institutions.The final split in the American Anti-Slavery Society came in 1840 over the issue of ___________ rights.WomensIn 1834, General Antonio Lopez de ____________________ became dictator over Mexico.Santa AnnaThere were several reasons why the South was especially suited to produce cotton on a large scale. According to the course materials, which of the following was the most important factor?the institution of slaveryWhich of the following best describes the Cult of Domesticity?The notion that women had a distinctive role in the family to ensure the virtue of their husbands and children.Match the following: Unitarianism Early Nineteenth-Century Deism UniversalismUnitarianism : Rejects the doctrine of the trinity Early Nineteenth-Century Deism: Accepts the existence of God but rejects miracles including the Resurrection Universalism : All men and women would be saved in the end despite their actions or choicesRailroad technology eventually overtook canals in which decade?1840sTheodore Dwight Weld was influenced by which of the following American religious leaders?Charles FinneyBetween 1830 and 1840, approximately how many migrants left the state of Virginia?375,000Which document declared that "all men and women are created equal" and called for a repeal of all laws that placed men in superiority concerning women?Declaration of SentimentsWhich of the following individuals was the most influential supporter of public education in the nineteenth century?Horace MannWhich of the following best describes the United States' main argument for why they should gain all of the Oregon Territory after the election of James K. Polk?There were far more American citizens than British citizens living in the Oregon territory.Which of the following U.S. generals was responsible for capturing Santa Fe, which consolidated control over modern-day New Mexico and California?Stephen KerryWhich of the following best describes how the rise of a national market economy contributed to the major reform movements of the early nineteenth century? [choose all that apply]the rise of the middle class allowed for more leisure time among many people, Americans began to feel more connected to the nation as a whole, the nation became more interconnected and communicativeWhich of the following became the Whig Party candidate in the election of 1844?Henry ClayWhich of the following individuals founded the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons?Joseph SmithHow did state governments assist in the expansion of railroad technology in the first half of the nineteenth century? [choose all that apply]bought stocks, offered loans, granted railroad companies landIn the debate in Congress concerning funding for the Mexican-American War, what Congressman from Illinois demanded to know the exact "spot" where American blood had been spilled?Abraham LincolnMost of the new citizens of the Republic of Texas were former Americans, but many Texas Mexicans, called _____________, also joined the rebellion.TexanosIn 1893, __________________ published the essay entitled "The Significance of the Frontier in American History."Frederick Jackson TurnerIn the Election of 1844, many Northern Whigs threw their support to James G. Birney of the____________ Party because they felt that ___________ did not support their interests concerning the spread of slavery.Liberty, Henry ClayWhich of the following best describes the philosophy of William Lloyd Garrison?immediate emancipation without emigration