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Describe the trends that are shown in the graph; write two to three sentences that summarize the major features of the data in a form appropriate for the results section of a research paper: just the facts without interpretation.
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The measured activity of both the control and drug-treated tissues first increases, and then decreases. The increase in activity in the drug-treated tissues is greater than in the control, about three-fold greater at the maximum (4-6 hours). The standard deviation associated with the drug-treated tissue is greater than that associated with the control tissue activity.
"activity" should have units The figure legend should explain what the column values represent. For example, is each column the average of multiple measurements, and if so, how many measurements were averaged? The figure legend should explain what the error bar shows - is this the standard deviation of the data set, or is it some other value (like a standard error)?
When the cycle is divided in two different cells, one cell spends one ATP and one NADPH, and the second cell recovers one NADPH, and the CO2 is transferred in the process. If the whole cycle occurred in a single cell, the cell would spend one ATP, and there would be no net loss or gain of NADPH. No CO2 would be transferred; it would be released in the same cell.