English III Unit 2 vocab

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concededadmittedInsurgentrebellious or in revolt against a government in powerPerishdieRendtear apart with violent forceScourgecause of serious trouble or great sufferingunrequitednot repaid or avengedmalicea desire to harm others or inflict injuryracketa loud unpleasant noisefixa difficult or awkward situation from which it is hard to extricate oneselfobligedindebted or gratefuldegradedreduced in respectabilityoppresseddeprived of rights or powersubordinate(adj.) lower in rank or position, secondarypersistenceact of not giving upImploringasking or begging someone for somethingimportunitiesannoyingly urgent requestsplaintiffspeople who bring a lawsuit to courtJurisidictionlegal power to hear and decide casesdispositionact of settling a case or argument