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  1. 1.universal; including most things
    Her wide travels reflect her catholic taste.
    2.referring to the Roman Catholic church
    Spain is a predominantly Catholic country.
  2. 1.uproar
    Pandemonium threatens to break out after Julius Caesar is assassinated on the ides of March, but in Shakespeare's play Brutus calms the murderous senators
  3. 1.feeding on both plants and meat
    Human beings are omnivorous, though many choose to be vegetarians.
    2. devouring everything, especially intellectually
    She is such a omnivorous reader she has already read all of the library's biographies, science fiction, and sport's magazine.
  4. 1.a great destruction, especially by fire
    After the great 1906 earthquake, a holocaust swept through San Francisco.
    2.murder by the Nazis of over 6 million Jews and millions of other people in WW ll
    Most Americans first learned of the extent of the Holocaust when the Nazi concentration camps were liberated at the end of WW ll.

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  1. totalitarian [pre <L. "before''] adj.1.referring to a form of government in which one person or party holds absolute control
    Under Joseph Stalin the Soviet Union became a totalitarian state.


  2. cloister n.1.present everywhere
    At harvest time the smell of garlic is omnipresent in Gilroy,California, ''the garlic capital of America''


  3. panacea [akos <G.''cure''] n.1.a cure-all for diseases or troubles
    Some politicians seem to regard tax cuts as a panacea for economic problems.