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Actual Self-Concept

"who I am now"

Extended Self

the self plus the possessions

Geo-Demographic Analysis

analyses are based on the premise that lifestyle, thus consumption, is largely driven by demographic factors

Ideal Self-Concept

"who I would like to be"

Independent Self-Concept

emphasizes personal goals, characteristics, achievements, and desires

Interdependent Self-Concept

emphasizes family, cultural, professional, and social relationships.


how a person lives

Mere Ownership Effect

the tendency of an owner to evaluate an object more favorably than a nonowner

Peak Experience

an experience that surpasses the usual level of intensity, meaningfulness, and richness and produces feelings of joy and self-fulfillment

Private Self-Concept

"how I am or would like to be to myself"


the output is a set of 66 lifestyle segments


attempts to develop quantitative measures of lifestyle


the totality of the individual's thoughts and feelings having reference to himself or herself as an object

Social Self Concept

"how I am seen by others or how I would like to be seen by others"


provides a systematic classification of American adults into eight distinct consumer segments

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