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% of people living in poverty

Low 20s

US Poverty Rate compared to the other top 20 advanced industrial economies


US Exit rate from poverty

29% annually

How US measures poverty

3 X the cost of an adequate diet

% of US population that will be non-white by 2050

-More than Half

What is Race as a concept?

The sorting of people into groups based on PERCEIVED physical characteristics.
-Race is SOCIALLY constructed

What is Ethnicity as a concept?

The sorting of people based on national origin, language, religion, and or culture.

What where the top effective tax rates under Carter and Bush II?

Carter - 1979 - 37%
Bush II - 2006 - 31.2

US vertical social mobility compared to the other top 20 advanced industrial economies?

-2nd lowest
(after Britain)

Define Sex

The biological differences between men and women

Define Gender

The Social differences between Men and Women

Define Gender Role

Attitudes and behaviors associated with different genders

Define Sexuality

How society organizes sexual activity

Define Sexual Orientation

The biologically determined attraction to a male or female

Define Sexual Preference

The belief that the gender of a sexual partner is a CHOICE

What are Sodomy Laws?

The legal prohibition against oral and anal sex between consenting adults

What is the gender pay gap?

-Women earn .80 for every man's $1

Women's labor force participation rates

1950's - 30% of women worked outside the home
2000's - 60%

Define De jour

By Law

Define De Facto

By practice

Income gap by race & ethnicity

Blacks & Latinos make 40% less than whites

Unemployment gap by race & ethnicity

-Latinos are 50% more likely to be unemployed
-Blacks are twice as likely

Poverty gap by race & ethnicity

Blacks & Latinos are 3x as likely to live in poverty

How would you describe the income growth between 1947-1979 compared to 1979-2009

1947-1979 - Strong & Wide
1979-2009 - Weak & Narrow

Productivity growth vs median income over the past 35 years

-Productivity growth - Gown up dramatically
-Real median income -Stagnated

Distribution of wealth between the top 5% and the bottom 80%

-Top 5% holds 63%
-Bottom 880% holds 12%

American perceptions on the distribution of wealth?

Underestimate the actual distribution
But would like things to be more even

Chances of a child moving from the bottom to middle quintile?

Less than half

Chances of a child moving from the top to the middle quintile?

Less than half

US income gap compared to the other top 20 countries

-We have the biggest gap

High Road Capitalism vs Low Road Capitalism

High Road - High Skill /High Autonomy
Low Road - Low Skill /Low Autonomy

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