Chapter 7

the distance between identical points on successive waves
the vertical distance from the midline of a wave to the peak or trough
the number of waves that pass through a particular point in 1 second
electromagnetic radiation
the emission and transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves
the smallest quantity of energy that can be emitted in the form of electromagnetic radiation
photoelectric effect
the movement of electrons as a result of light
particle nature
this nature is discontinuous
wave nature
this nature is continuous
continuous spectrum
contains all wavelengths of visible light; the colors mesh with the next color
line spectrum
spectrum of an atom is discontinuous; this one contains only specific wavelengths of visible light that are characteristics of the species producing them
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
It is impossible to determine accurately both the momentum and the position of an electron simultaneously.
Electrons are not in orbit around the nucleus in the true sense of the word.
Electrons only have a probability of being located within a specified region of space.