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___________ has been called the "Killer Application" of the Internet because of the low costs associated with it.

A.) Interactive Websites
B.) Google searches
C.) Intranet supply chain applications
D.) Email


Shelly walks into a warehouse retail store and becomes amazed at the amount of merchandise available for sale. With so much product available for sale, Shelly knows that she is going to get a good deal. What type of promotional strategy is being used by the wholesaler/retailer?

A.) Push
B.) Undifferentiated
C.) Pull
D.) Product


As discussed in class, before an organization can serve its "external" publics, the organization must attain commitment/unity from its:

A.) the board of directors
B.) external stakeholders
C.) internal publics, i.e. employees
D.) senior executive staff


The three basic goals of promotion are:

A.) informing, persuading, reminding
B.) defining, reminding, telling
C.) selling, informing, advertising
D.) advertising, increase sales, increase awareness


According to "Guerrilla Marketing," Gabrielle spends $1 dollar communicating to each of her employees about her Wild Birds Unlimited business's products. This $1 investment is equivalent to spending how much communicating directly to her customer?

A.) $10
B.) $25
C.) $100
D.) $50


Haseem owns a small business and needs assistance on a variety of issues. The Small Business Administration (SBA) can help him by providing __________.

A.) toll-free telephone advice
B.) an accountant
C.) an advertising specialist
D.) an on-site counselor


The advertising plan for a franchise is usually put together by the __________.

A.) co-owners
B.) franchisee
C.) advertising agency
D.) franchisor


The board of directors of a corporation is elected by the __________.

A.) stockholders
B.) corporation's employees
C.) corporate officers
D.) bondholders and other creditors


Isabella owns 100 shares of IBM __________ stock, which means she has voting rights on company decisions at IBM, but only residual claims on the company's assets.

A.) preferred
B.) principal
C.) management
D.) common


All of the following are duties of the board of directors of a corporation EXCEPT __________.

A.) authorizing major transactions of the corporation
B.) guaranteeing the payment of cash dividends every year
C.) electing its own officers
D.) hiring the corporation's chief executive officer


The merger of Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank was an example of a __________.

A.) joint venture
B.) conglomerate merger
C.) horizontal merger
D.) vertical merger


A __________ would most likely be publicly owned.

A.) movie theater
B.) city sewer system
C.) cable television company
D.) trucking company


Entrepreneurs rely on all of the following to fund their companies EXCEPT __________.

A.) bank loans
B.) loans from friends
C.) loans from family members
D.) personal savings


________ utility is created when the business firm converts raw materials into finished goods and services.

A.) Place
B.) Ownership
C.) Form
D.) Exchange


The location of a coffee shop franchise in a mall creates ________ utility.

A.) form
B.) time
C.) ownership
D.) place


The utility that is created when a salesperson at a car dealership completes the sales contract is ________ utility.

A.) form
B.) ownership
C.) time
D.) place


The era in marketing history characterized by the notion that a good product will sell itself is known as the ________ era.

A.) production
B.) marketing
C.) relationship
D.) sales


Local officials in a mid-size town used ________ marketing to convince major businesses to move to the area, including advertisements that emphasized low tax rates and accessible transportation.

A.) place
B.) cause
C.) event
D.) organization


The marketing of a social concern or issue is known as ________ marketing.

A.) place
B.) person
C.) organization
D.) cause


A singles business aims its promotions toward singles between the ages of 25 and 40 who reside in a specific county. The business has ________.

A.) developed a marketing plan
B.) created person utility
C.) selected a target market
D.) developed a marketing mix


An organization's ________ is the group of potential customers toward whom it directs its marketing efforts.

A.) product market
B.) marketing demographic
C.) target market
D.) market segment


Mona designs the packages and chooses the brand names for goods produced by her firm. Mona is involved in which part of the marketing mix?

A.) promotion strategy
B.) distribution strategy
C.) product strategy
D.) pricing strategy


When a firm tries to differentiate its products, it often applies a concept known as ________.

A.) personal selling
B.) product valuation
C.) positioning
D.) the marketing mix


Comparative advertising is a form of ________ advertising.

A.) corporate
B.) persuasive
C.) informative
D.) reminder-oriented


Companies that provide ________ for NASCAR teams are eager to spend millions in exchange for a direct association with the biggest spectator sport in the United States.

A.) product advertising
B.) specialty advertising
C.) public relations
D.) sponsorships


Samples are particularly useful in promoting ________.

A.) services
B.) new products
C.) expensive products
D.) concepts


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