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The Great Migration

The Great Migration
1914-1945; mass movement of African Americans from the South to the North; reasons = jobs, prejudice, crop failures; leads to race riots in the North
Boll Weevil
A small beetle that feeds on the cotton boll. led to economic reasons for the Great migration.
Robert S. Abbot
The first to give african americans a public forum for addressing civil rights and other issues. He started the first black newspaper, The Chicago Defender.
The Chicago Defender
newspaper that encouraged blacks to migarate to northward to chicago
Pittsburg Courier
The Pittsburg Black newspaper that activley encouraged black migration north
red summer of 1919
blacks returning from WWI were confronted by racism in the North and South, 1919, race riots, violence kept northward migration of blacks as a push factor. Also went to France. , a term used to describe violent postwar strikes and racial strife in the us at the end of world war 1