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theme and variations

the statement is altered in some way each time it returns, but the key stays the same
-Mozart: variations on TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR

Symphony No. 94 The "Surprise" II

first composer to use that variation form
1st performed in Hanover Square Rooms, London

Rondo form

the refrain (statement) alternates w/contrasting music
-used as last movement

Ludwig von Kochel

-published a list of Mozart's works in chronological order (?) therefore has K number
Mozart: Horn Concerto in Eb Major K: 495, third movement, Rondo

modern day rondo form

Sting "Every Breath You Take"

standard movement pattern

concerto and sonata = 3 movements

String quartet and symphony

4 movements

Concerto & Sonata

1-Fast (Sonata Form)
2-Slow (Composer's choice)
3-Fast (Rondo or Sonata form)

Symphony and String Quartet

3-Triple meter dance (minuet/trio)
4- Fast (rondo or sonata form)

Joseph Haydn

converted the TRIO SONATA into the STRING QUARTET
cello, viola, violin, violin
("A conversation among 4 intelligent ppl"- Goethe)

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