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downward draining, drain damp, wind damp

rhei radix et rhizoma

da huang

cannabis semen

huo ma ren


fu ling


zhu ling

alismatis rhizoma

ze zie

plantaginis semen

che qian zi

akebiae caulis

mu tong

junci medulla

deng xin cao

benincasae semen

dong gua zi

stephaniae tetrandrae radix

han fang ji

chaenomelis fructus

mu gua

acanthopanacis cortex

wu jia pi

poriae cutis

fu ling pi

poriae sclerotium pararadicis

fu shen

poriae rubra

chi fu ling

coicis semen

yi yi ren

artemisiae scopariae herba

yin chen/yin chen hao

angelicae pubescentis radix

du huo

taxilli herba

sang ji sheng

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