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x-form dampnes, food stagnation, regulate the qi

atractylodis rhizoma

cang zhu

magnolia officinalis cortex

huo po

amomi fructus

sha ren

amomi fructus rotundus

bai dou kou

crataegi fructus

shan zha

massa medicaa fermentata

shen qu

raphani semen

lai fu zi

citri reticulatae pericarpium

chen pi

citri reticulatae viride pericarpium

qing pi

aurantii fructus immaturus

zhi shi

aurantii fructus

zhi ke/zhi qiao

pericarpium arecae catechu

da fu pi

rhizoma cyperi rotundi

xiang fu

aucklandiae radix

mu xiang

toosendan fructus

chuan lian zi

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