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  1. AMELIORATE (power word)
  2. DEPLETION noun
  3. PERVASIVE (power word)
  4. DECIPHER verb
  5. FERVENT (power word)
  1. a to make or grow less, to weaken
  2. b feeling with passion
  3. c to interpret or read something confusing or hard to make out
  4. d A reduced amount or size.
    Synonym; loss, consumption
  5. e spreading through everything

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  1. One-sided; done by or affecting one person, group, or country, etc., and not another.
  2. to deprive (a person/persons) of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.
  3. a shortage; a lack in amount
  4. extent of freedom from normal restraints
  5. having two sides

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  1. OPULENT (power word)feeling with passion


  2. DESIGNATE verbgive an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)


  3. INTRASTATE adjectiveWithin a state.
    Synonym; statebound


  4. INTERVAL noun1.A period of time between events.
    2.A space between two things.


  5. DETRACTOR nounSomething or someone that speaks ill of something/someone ; someone who criticizes someone unfairly to take away from the value of something.
    Synonym; blamer, maligner