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  1. Chakra
  2. Leg Bones
  3. Segmented Breathing
  4. Niyama
  5. Maha Bandha
  1. a study of scriptures and self
  2. b Lower abdomen chakra
    emotional body
    reproductive organs, kidney, bladder, all fluids
    testis and ovaries
    upper mulahanda, supported half bridge
    sexual issues, money, ambition
  3. c 1: Inhale: puraka
    2: hold breath in: antara kumbhaka
    3: exhale: rechaka
    4: hold breath out: bahya kumbaka
    *can be any ratio between 4 parts
  4. d femur
  5. e great lock
    all locks simultaneously

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  1. When you stop identifying with your mind, there is yoga
    *know sanscrit and english
  2. throat lock
    chin on chest
  3. Follow the 8-limbed path
    control your behavior, thoughts, judgments in a certain way (yama) Discipline your ego. Practice yoga in a certain way (niyama)
  4. faith and dedication to the lord
  5. non-harming

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  1. Niyama


  2. 4 Main Paths
    Karma Yoga
    destroys the individual ego by dedicating ones life to service of others


  3. Mula BandhaRoot lock
    Lower: leg lock
    upper: between anus and sex organs


  4. 4 Main Paths
    Bhakti Yoga
    destroys the individual ego through unconditional love to something more than you


  5. Chakra
    3rd Eye Chakra
    celestial body
    face, eyes, nose, sinus, cerebellum, lower brain, nervous system
    pituitary gland
    inversons, forehead on floor, meditation at brow
    knowingness, aligned with divine will, imagination