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  1. Segmented Breathing
  2. Yama
  3. Natural Curves of the Spine
  4. Eight Limbs
  5. 4 Main Paths
    Bhakti Yoga
  1. a 1: Inhale: puraka
    2: hold breath in: antara kumbhaka
    3: exhale: rechaka
    4: hold breath out: bahya kumbaka
    *can be any ratio between 4 parts
  2. b celibacy
  3. c coccyx
    lumbar spine: L1-L5
    thoracic spine: T1-T12
    cervical spine: C1-C7
    *be able to draw and label
  4. d destroys the individual ego through unconditional love to something more than you
  5. e 1. Yama: ethical disciplines
    2. Niyama: self-observation
    3. Asanas: postures
    4. Pranayama: controlled life force breathing
    5. Pratyahara: sensory withdrawal
    6. Dharana: concentration
    7. Dhyana: meditation
    8. Samadhi: ultimate peace, blissful euphoria

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  1. great lock
    all locks simultaneously
  2. faith and dedication to the lord
  3. non-stealing
  4. study of scriptures and self
  5. non-harming

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  1. Yama


  2. Leg Bonesfemur


  3. Chakra
    Heart Chakra
    astral body
    heart, blood, cardiovascular, respiratory, ribcage
    thiyus gland
    shoulder openers, fish, backbends
    love freely, no negativity, universal love


  4. 5 poses in SancritTadasana: mountain pose
    Adho Mukha Svanasana: Downward dog
    Balasana: Childs pose
    Uttanasana: standing forward bend
    Uttitha Trikonasana: Triangle
    Ardha Chandrashana: Half moon
    Virabhadrasana: warrior


  5. Niyama
    contentment, acceptance of unconditional love


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