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what would be a good way of searching for primary sources? select all that apply-search Scopus -ask a librarian in the UF library -search scholar.google.com -search Thomson Reuters' Web of ScienceWhat is the purpose of literature review in research? Select all that apply.-Provides an up-to date understanding of the subject -identifies significant issues and themes related to the topic -guides development of research topics and questions -assists future researchers in understanding why the research was undertaken, its design and direction -Helps avoid "reinventing the wheel"Are treatments given for the research purpose in "experimental research" or in "non-experimental research?"experimental researchT/F if a researcher asked students for their opinion on switching from the semester system to the quarter system, the researcher would be conducting the "experimental research"falseT/F It is necessary to have at least two groups of participants to conduct an experimentTrueQuasi-experimental research designApproach using elements of experimental design such as the use of control group, but about the ability to randomly select the sampleLongitudinal studya research study that repeatedly measure traits of participants over a long period of time in order to trace developmental trendsSurveyAn investigation into one or more variables in a population that may involve the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data.experimental researchA research methodology based upon cause-and-effect relationships between independent and dependent variables by means f the manipulation of independent variables, control and randomization.What kind of research did the study described below use? Browne et al. (2016) studied barriers and facilitators to substance use treatment in the rural South. They conducted group and individual interviews with 40 key stakeholders and 40 clients at 9 substance abuse agencies serving rural communities in a southeastern state. Four primary themes emerged from the client and stakeholder interviews as both barriers and facilitators: availability of services for individuals with substance use disorders; access to the current technology for client services and agency functioning; cost of services; and stigma.QualitativeWhat kind of research did the study described below use? Employee motivation is vital for the accomplishment of organizational goals. In this regard, manager-employee relationships become important for achieving employee motivation by applying effective styles of leadership. Managers vary in their values, attitudes and behaviors and the way they lead their followers. The study by Zareen et al. (2015) examines the value and impact of transactional, transformational and Laissez-faire leadership styles on motivation of banking sector employees. A sample of 100 employees from 5 different commercial banks was surveyed and empirical analysis showed that all three leadership styles have significant positive impact on employee motivation.quantitativeInoue et al. (2018) examine a unique type of small-scale event - a charity-affiliated sport event - and define and measure its social and charitable impacts as perceived by residents. Findings from interviews (N = 37) and surveys (N = 459) with residents indicated that the event's social impacts can be defined by its capacity to develop social capital, enhance collective identity and pride, and promote sport, health, and well-being. Three types of charitable impacts also emerged, including empathy for cause, informational support, and tangible support. Of them, empathy for cause, which addresses a central social issue in the host community, had the strongest association with residents' perceptions of social impacts.mixed-methodWhen a study uses Big Data analysis, does it follow qualitative or quantitative path in researchquantitative