Computer Applications Vocabulary

a visual Representation of selected worksheet data
Chart area
a chart object that contains all of the chart objects
Cell Address
In Excel, a column letter followed by a row number that specifies the location of a cell
In Excel, conditions or qualifications that determine whether data is chosen for a filter
Chart objects
Individual components of a chart, such as the chart
Calculates the largest value in the list of arguments
In Excel, the function used to calculate the total of the arguments.
A command that organizes columns in Excel spreadsheet or a Word Table numerically or alphabetically.
Calculates the smallest value in a list of arguments
Counts the number of values in the list of arguments
Cell References
The address of a cell in an Excel worksheet that defines its location in the worksheet by column
AutoFilter arrows
In Excel, arrows to the right of each column heading that appear when AutoFilter is selected for a list; click the arrows to open a menu containing options for filtering and sorting the list data.
a value, cell reference, or text used in an Excel function
Calculates the average value of the arguments in a list
Data marker
A bar, area, dot, slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single data point or value that originates from a worksheet cell
Data table
A grid in a chart that contains the chart's underlying worksheet data, and that is usually placed below the x-axis
A prewritten formula you can use instead of typing a formula from scratch
A command that displays only the data that you want to see in an Excel
Formula auto complete
In Excel, a feature that helps you enter a formula in a cell by suggesting a listing
Formula builder
A tab on the Excel Toolbox that helps users create mathematical calculations