Fashion Merchandising 2.04-2.06

The total number of garments in a designer or apparel manufacturer's seasonal presentation
French ready-to-wear
A collection of styles offered by a manufacturer or designer
High fashion clothing created by designers
Fashion Piracy
Amber designs purses for her local boutique. She wants to make an exact copy of Kate Spade purse. If Amber creates this new purse, she will commit
For Ralph Lauren's designs to be recognized by the Alta moda, he needs to join the fashion industry in
Seventh Avenue
Which New York street is known as the garment district?
Los Angeles
The fashion center that PRIMARILY serves the West Coast
The major fashion center known for evening, bridal, and western fashions is located in
Dondrea wants to open a exclusive swimsuit store. The BEST fashion center trade show for her to attend is
One who designs by changing or adapting designs of others is a
Freelance designer
An independent designer who sells sketches to manufacturers is a
Lanette buys only original, one-of-a-kind garments made of luxurious and expensive fabrics. Which price market category meets her expectations?
Moderate price market
Old Navy, Gap, and Guess are examples of which price market?
Tommy Hilfiger
the self-taught American designer of men's tailored clothes
Tom Ford
The Texas native who relocated to Paris and is credited with saving Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from bankruptcy
Muccia Prada
The Italian designer who worked as a mime performer before inheriting the family leather handbag business is
Sean Combs
The designer of hip-hop collection who earned over a 100 million per year in his first two years in the industry is
Bill Bass
The first American designer to introduce pinstripes and hounds tooth into womenswear was
Collars, sleeves, and shoulder treatments are examples of
A style or design that continues to be popular over an extended period of time even though fashions change is a
A particular or unique version of a style is a
Consumer publication
GQ, Vogue, and Essence help the public keep abreast of what is happening in fashion and are considered
Decorative materials such as buttons, laces, and braids that are added to enhance the designs are
Fake or imitation fabrics are referred to as
the technical name for color
Market Week
The scheduled period of time when producers officially introduce their new line of merchandise to retailers is
During the winter months, Patrick wears pants made from a durable cotton cut-pile fabrics with vertical ribs. His pants are
A sweater made with yarn from the long silky hair of the Angora goat is
Amy wants new sleepwear for her friend's slumber party. She chooses a gown of a soft woven cloth in a wool and cotton blend. Her new sleepwear is made of
Fashion magazines, books, and websites that help consumers keep abreast of what is happening in fashion news are which type of publications
Magazines, newspapers, books, and websites published daily or monthly to inform those who work in an industry are which type of publications
Women's Wear Daily
An example of a trade publication for fashion is
How many times per year do top designers show new collections