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My class' first quiz over a crossword puzzle assignment related to Microsoft Access. These are the 31 important terms we are supposed to know


column in a table that contains a specific piece of information within a record

Detail Lines

lines printed for each record that contain only specified fields


portion of the screen


process of looking at the database in Print Preview before it is printed


Created by describing the fields within a table


Row in a table that contains specific information about a person, product, or event


Bar at the bottom of the screen that displays the Start Button and Active Windows

Status Bar

Located above the taskbar, contains information on the current task

Primary Key

Unique identifier for a table

Navigation Buttons

Buttons found in the lower-left of the screen used to move around records

Data Sheet

A collection of rows and columns

Close Button

Button on the right of the title bar that closes the window

Ask a Question Box

Box used to type free-from questions in order to obtain Help

Title Bar

First bar on the desktop that displays as the title of the product


Separate window that enables users to carry out Access tasks more efficiently

Speech submenu

Submenu that contains the Speech Recognition command


Indicates the type of data that can be stored in a field

Page header

Portion at the top of a report that contains a custom title

Row Selector

Small box or bar that selects the entire row when clicked

Speech Command

Command in the tools menu which is used to display the language bar.

Portrait Orientation

Printout of a page that is printed across the width of a page

Menu Bar

Second bar on the desktop that contains a list of menu names


Process of storing the same fact in more than one place

Database Window

Special window used to access easily and rapidly a variety of objects


Picture of a button that depicts the button's function

Screen tip

Short on-screen note that describes the button being pointed to

Microsoft Access

Powerful database management system (DBMS) that functions in Windows

Database Design

Refers to the arrangement of data into tables and fields

Language Bar

Bar used to indicate whether a use wants to speak commands or dictate text.

Tools Menu

Menu that contains the speech command


collection of organized data that allow access, retrieval, and use of that data

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