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Scientists of Chapter 4 of "Chemistry: Connections to our Changing World"

Thomas Young

Double silt experiment proving matter and energy can display characteristics on waves and particles

Max Planck

Proposed a fundamental restriction on the amounts of energy an object emits or absorbed; quantum of energy

Albert Einstein

Used quantum idea of light to explain the photoelectric effect
Nobel Prize (1921)

Earnest Rutherford

Studied radiation using radioactive elements and electrically charged plates to discover alpha and beta particles and gamma radiation

Neils Bohr

Developed first reasonable electronic structure in the extra-nuclear region

Arthur Compton

Proved the particle nature of light

Louis de Broglie

Matter is composed of particles that are quantized and have dual nature

Wolfgang Pauli

Related electron spin to the arrangement of electrons in the atom

Friedrich Hund

Electrons occupy equal energy orbitals so that a maximum number of unpaired electrons result

Werner Heisenberg

The position and momentum of a moving particle cannot be exactly determined simultaneously

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