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  1. 13.4%
  2. Colombo
  3. ghats
  4. Veranasi
  5. Islamabad
  1. a holy city; India
  2. b "high place"... either side of India's southern region
  3. c "town of Islam" in Pakistan
  4. d in Sri Lanka; ongoing civil war
  5. e _____% Muslim

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  1. "dwelling place of the Gods"; 1500 mile wall; defines sub-continent; snow is life-blood
  2. key city to start climbing Himilayas in Nepal
  3. Bengali language, artistic, squalor; in India
  4. seasonal rivers, minimal amounts of rain
  5. Silicon Valley of India... "yuppy city", mountains

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  1. Hinduismriver;


  2. Khyber Passholy city; India


  3. Chennaiaka Madras... Madras cloth- India


  4. Dhaka"high place"... either side of India's southern region


  5. Karachicapital of Pakistan