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  1. Deccan Plateau
  2. subcontinent
  3. Brahmaputra
  4. Amritsar
  5. 16 million
  1. a seasonal rivers, minimal amounts of rain
  2. b river; "son of Brahma"
  3. c religious center of the Sikhs, like Jews with Jerusalem; Northern India
  4. d India's population rises ______ each year
  5. e a vast and self-contained subdivision of a continent

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  1. "high place"... either side of India's southern region
  2. between Ghats and sea; rice growing, coastal fishing.. West side is Malabar Coast
  3. Indian PM since 2004, economist, Indian National Congress... PUNJABI SIKH!
  4. trade route from Rome to China that runs through India
  5. seasonal prevailing wind

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  1. Bangaloreriver; "Mother Ganga"- goddess; many deltas


  2. Islamabadin Sri Lanka; ongoing civil war


  3. Katmandukey city to start climbing Himilayas in Nepal


  4. Chennaiholy city; India


  5. Indus80% of religion in India