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  1. ghats
  2. Amritsar
  3. Dhaka
  4. Bangalore
  5. Karachi
  1. a capital of Pakistan
  2. b religious center of the Sikhs, like Jews with Jerusalem; Northern India
  3. c Silicon Valley of India... "yuppy city", mountains
  4. d Bangladesh... in Ganges Delta
  5. e "high place"... either side of India's southern region

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  1. in Sri Lanka; ongoing civil war
  2. river; "son of Brahma"
  3. holy city; India
  4. _____ largest Muslim country in the world
  5. India's population rises ______ each year

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  1. Katmanducapital of Pakistan


  2. Khyber Passtrade route from Rome to China that runs through India


  3. Deccan Plateauholy city; India


  4. Hinduism80% of religion in India


  5. monsoonseasonal prevailing wind