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GypsumName this mineralHaliteName this mineralHematiteName this mineralMagnetiteName this mineralPyriteName this mineralGalenaName this mineralFluoriteName this mineralTalcName this mineralKaoliniteName this mineralGraphiteName this mineralGraniteName this Igneous RockBasaltName this Igneous RockGabbroName this Igneous RockRhyoliteName this Igneous RockPorphyritic AndesiteName this Igneous RockDioriteName this Igneous RockPumiceName this Igneous RockObsidianName this Igneous RockMicritic LimestoneName this Sedimentary RockBioclastic LimestoneName this Sedimentary RockDolostoneName this Sedimentary RockShaleName this Sedimentary RockChertName this Sedimentary RockConglomerateName this Sedimentary RockBrecciaName this Sedimentary RockSandstoneName this Sedimentary RockBituminous CoalName this Sedimentary RockSchistName this Metamorphic RockGneissName this Metamorphic RockMarbleName this Metamorphic RockQuartziteName this Metamorphic RockSlateName this Metamorphic RockAmphiboliteName this Metamorphic RockAnthraciteName this Metamorphic Rock

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