Exam 3 Kahoot Q's

Which generates the most ATP?
A. Krebs cycle
B. Fermentation
C. Glycolysis
D. Oxidative phosphorylation
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Monosaccharides are classified based on the position of which functional group? A. Carboxylic B. Carbonyl C. Hydroxyl D. MethylBWhich two molecules transfer electrons in cellular respiration? A. H2O B. NADH C. FADH2 D. ATPNADH, FASH2Anoxygenic photosynthesizers are found in the nitrogen and sulfur cyclesTrueIntermediates from the citric acid cycle can build amino acids.TrueWhich is NOT formed through dehydration synthesis? A. Triglycerides B. Polysaccharides C. Disaccharides D. All of the aboveDIn glycolysis, ATP is generated through [substrate level] / [oxidative] phosphorylation.substrate levelWhich pathway can be used to catabolize lipids? A. Beta oxidation B. Transition reactions C. EMP glycolysis D. Dehydration synthesisAStaphylococci are examples of obligate anaerobesFalseWhich BEST describes a microaerophile? A. Bacteria are killed by the presence of oxygen B. Bacteria that require a minimum level of oxygen for growth, about 1-10% C. Bacteria that are indifferent to the presence of oxygen D. Bacteria that cannot grow without an abundant supply of oxygenBWhat does the little "n" represent in calculating cells in a microbial population? A. Generation time B. Number of cells at a given generation C. Number of generations D. the initial number of cellsCAcidophiles prefer to live in pH environments <5.5TrueHelicobacter pylori would be considered a: A. Barophile B. Psychrotrophs C. Acidophile D. More than one of theseCWhat is the purpose of the FtsZ protein? A. Helps build new peptidoglycan B. Initiates cell elongation C. Initiates cytokinesis and cell division D. Initiates duplication of chromosomesCEndospores are most likely formed during which phase of growth? A. Death phase B. Exponential phase C. Log phase D. Stationary phaseDWhich is a type of autoinducer is produced by Gram negatives? A. Short, small peptides B. Proteases C. N-acylated homoserine lactones D. Beta lactamasesCA microbe that lives in an ocean vent can be considered: A. halophilic B. Barophilic C. Hyperthermophilic D. MesophilicA, B, CWhy is a hypersaline environment so stressful for a cell? A. Crenation B. Cell wall degradation C. Plasmolysis D. More than one is correctCMost human pathogens can be considered: A. Hyperthermophiles B. Mesophiles C. Thermophiles D. PsychrotrophsBWhich can distinguish between live and dead cells? A. Viable plate count? B. Most probable number C. Direct cell counts D. Fluorescent staining & flow cytometryDWhich plated dilution should be used for enumeration? A. 1:1,000 B. 1:10,000 C. 1:100,000 D. More than one dilution can be usedBAll semester long you have been using open system cultures.FalseOrganisms that can tolerate high osmotic pressure are called: A. Acidophiles B. Halophiles C. Barophiles D. ThermophilesBWhich type of cells initiate biofilm formation? A. Planktonic B. Sessile C. Gram positive D. More than one of theseATryptic soy agar is considered a complex medium.True