Biology Practical

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Is blood a suspension or solution?
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What protects the flower bud?Petals and sepalsWhat connects the flower to the rest of the plant?Stem and recepticleMale parts of a flowerstamen, anther, filamentFemale parts of flowercarpal (stigma, style, ovary, ovulus)What does the anther do?produces pollenWhat does the filament do?Supports the antherWhat does the stigma do?Sticky landing to catch pollenWhat does the style do?Pollen grain descends down itWhere are the female gametes located?OvaryOvuluesProduce female gametesWhat do K strategist aim to do?Maximize populations near carrying capacityWhat types of animals are K strategist?MammalsAttributes of K strategistsFew young, parenting, high survival rate, mature slowlyGoal of R strategistMaximize rate of growthExample of R strategistInsectsAttributes of R strategistLots of offspring, no parenting, low survival rate, mature quicklyTypes of asexual reproductionbinary fission, mitosis, buddingHypertonicsolution is salty, cell shrinkshypotonicsolution is less salty, cell grows3 stages of PCRdenaturation, annealing, extension(elongation)What does a thermal cycler do?Denatures the proteins, anneals the proteins, and extends the proteins by changing temperatures and going through cyclesDenaturation stepDNA strands separate from each otherAnnealing stepPrimers attach to complementary DNAExtension stepDNA poly adds nucleotidescentrifugeSeparates substances into a pellet and supernatantWhat is a centrifuge used for?Spinning substances down, such as bloodWhy is gel electrophoresis used?Separate pieces of DNA by sizeDNA is negatively charged so itRuns to RedWhat is the machine that lets you view electrophoresis?UV transilluminatorWhat does the UV transilluminator do?Lets you view the different strands of DNA to see how many alleles you have.Homozygous dominant has how many bands2Heterozygous has how many bands?3Homozygous recessive has how many bands?1