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connective tissue

basement membrane
fat (loose connective tissue)

Matrix of Connective Tissue

Extracellular protein Fibers and Ground Substance

All connective tissue share in commom

specialized cells, extracellular protein fibers, and ground substance (last 2 make up matrix)

Connective Tissue Proper

Tendons (dense connective tissue)
FAT (loose connective tissue)

Fluid Connective Tissue

blood, lymph

Supporting Connective Tissue

cartilidge and bone

dense connective tissue



cell adhersion molecules -bind to each other


strong cell junction can resist mechanical stress (ie bending stretching and twisting)

Tight Juntion

cell junction prevents passage of water and solutes

gap junction

held tog. by 2 interlicing trasmemrane proteins CONNEXON narrow passaeway lets small molecules and ions pass through


one layer


several layers



endocrine gland

releases hormones into blood (thyroid, pituitary)ductless

Neural Tissue

specialized for conduction of electric impulses
98% in brain and spinal cord
neroglia(glia cells) supporting cells supports and repairs and supply nutrients.


recieves information


conducts information to another neuron

response to injury

inflammation and regeneration


tissue distruction, after cells have been damaged or killed

regeneration epiterial and smooth muscle

regenerate well

regeneration muscle and neural tissue

regenerate poorly

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