Sociology of the Family Ch2 Terms

Terms discussed in the second chapter of the textbook for Sociology 371
the time between the birth of a mother and her offspring, now about 30-35 years.
Arranged marriage
a marriage in which the partners selected by elder family members of the young people may have the right to veto the choice.
Double standard
the differential evaluation for men and women of identical situations and behaviors.
Complementary roles
separate spheres for men and women in marriage.
marriage within one's group, which may be race, ethnicity, religion, caste, or social economic status.
Exchange theory
application of the market analogy to explain attraction and commitment, assuming that individuals maximize rewards and minimize costs in intimate relationships just as they are assumed to in classical liberal economic theory.
Marriage market
a term that applies an economic analogy to describe the availability of potential marriage partners and how they are valued in a particular culture or period.
deliberate maltreatment of another person that could be verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual.
unwarranted physical or verbal force, or sexual aggression against another person.
similarities in age, social class, race and ethnicity of couples.

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