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rambunctiousbehaving in a wild and unruly mannerrepertoire(n.) a list of pieces an actor or musician is ready to performrudimenta basic principle or skillundermineto weakenunremitting(adj.) constantadjudicate(v.) To hear and decide judicially; to judgecentennial(n.) A one-hundredth anniversary or its celebrationcountenance(n.) a person's face or facial expressiondisgruntle(v.) to put in a bad moodEquilibrium(n.) A state of balanceexpedite(v.) to speed upgird(v.) to encircle or surroundgratutous(adj.) unnecessaryillusory(adj.) deceivingimplacable(adj.) relentlessluminary(n.) A source of light, especially from the sky, such as the sun or moon.manifesto(n.) a public declaration of policies or intentionsmesmerize(v.) to hypnotizeprecedent(n.) How similar cases have been decided in the past.spurious(adj.) falsecurtail(v.) to reducediscriminate(v.) to make a clear distinctionespionage(n.) spyinginalienable(adj.) not able to be taken or given awayindignity(n.) An insult to one's prideindiscriminate(adj.) haphazardinfamous(adj.) disgracefulintercede(v.) to plead on behalf of someone elsemalign(v.) to slanderperpetuate(v.) to commitrampant(adj.) widespreadrancor(adj.) bitternessreparation(n.) a repairsmattering(n.) a small amountaccolade(n.) award of meritadamant(adj.) firmadulate(v.) to idolizealtercation(n.) an angry argumentannals(n.) historical recordsassidious(adj.) diligentchary(adj.) cautiousclique(n.) a small, exclusive groupdecrepit(adj.) broken downendow(v.) to equipephemeral(adj.) lasting a short timeingratiate(v.) to gain ones favor through a deliberate effortPantheon(n.) a group of people held in high esteem for their great achievementsperverse(adj.) wickedtutelage(n.) instructionincarcerate(v.) to imprison