MKT 300 Test 3

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The internet can be referred to as a _____________________ medium because users determine which websites they are going to view.
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________________ that can allow almost real-time measurement and evaluation should be embedded at the onset of a social media strategy.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)Due to external pressures and concerns for privacy, Yahoo now has an opt-out option for internet-based advertising. This is an example of ___________________________________.ControlHome Depot has an iOS program that allows users to match colors in photographs with the store's selection of carpets. This is an example of a(n) _______________________________.application (app)__________________ refers to the strategic process of distributing, promoting, and pricing products, and discovering the desires of customers using digital media and digital marketing.electronic marketingIn the L'Oreal video we watched in Chapter 9, the company used Search to identify __________________________________________________.consumers wants of ombre at home hair dyeThe _____________________________________ consists of a product's fundamental utility or main benefit and usually addresses a fundamental need of the consumer.core productAchieving greater penetration of the market is typically a business goal during the _____________________________________ stage of the product life cycle.growthA(n)___________________________________ is a tangible physical entity.goodAlthough Sergei's grandfather still prefers using a land line, he just bought his first cell phone. Sergei's grandfather is most likely oriented toward the past and is a member of the ______________________________ grouplaggards/ baby boomerA(n) ___________________________________ signifies that the owner has exclusive use of a brand and others are prohibited from using it.TrademarkThe three levels of brand loyalty from strongest to weakest are ____________________________, ____________________________, and ____________________________.insistence, preference, recognitionThe stage of the product life cycle when marketers consider eliminating products that are not contributing to profitability is the ____________________________ stage.decliningIf Glade, which markets Glade scented Plug Ins and Glade scented candles and wax melts were to introduce Glade laundry detergent and dryer sheets with the same scents, this would be called ________________________________ branding.brand-extensionMinerals, chemicals, timber, and agricultural products are considered _____________________.raw materialsAn individual knows that a product exists, but has little information regarding the product and does not seek additional information. This person is in the _________________________ stage of the product adoption process.awarenessA __________________________________ brand usually requires a producer to become involved in distribution, promotion, and pricing decisions.manufacturerA package of aluminum foil on the shelf at Safeway has only a white package with black letters stating "aluminum foil." This product is an example of a ___________________________ brand.genericThe Target bullseye is a classic example of a(n) ____________________________________.brand markBrand name awareness is an important element of brand equity because a familiar brand is more likely to be in a customer's ______________________________ than an unfamiliar brand.consideration setCoca-Cola offers a line of soft drinks that includes Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite, and Fanta. These drinks best illustrate Coca-Cola's product mix ____________________.depthAdrienne has gone to the store to shop for a new backpack. She looks for the same brand she has always bought in the past but notices that the backpack is now available in a variety of new colors. The backpack has undergone a(n) _______________________________ modification.aestheticPersonal trainers cannot complete their work without their clients present because of the ___________________________________ feature of servicesinseparabilityThe fact that the first massage Gretchen gives each day is better than the last massage demonstrates the __________________________________ of services.heterogeneityModifying a product to have ______________________________ may enable a company to charge a higher price by creating customer loyalty and lowering customer sensitivity to price.higher product qualityAn American Airways flight from Dallas to Houston was full, and the tickets were more expensive than the almost-empty American Airways flight from Chicago to Phoenix. This is an example of ____________________________________ service pricing?Demand-basedMarketers of a particular brand of ice cream have decided to delete their line of ice cream bars. They will do so by letting the product decline and not change the current marketing strategy. This method of deletion is called _________________________________.phase-outDorito's has expanded to Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Salsa Verde Doritos, to name a few. These are examples of ________________________________________.line extensionsIn product modification, three conditions must be met to improve a firm's product mix: the product must be modifiable, customers must be able to perceive that a modification has been made, and ___________________________________________________________.modification should make the product more consistent with customers' desiresAfter building a prototype of his new device, Barry is asked to conduct rigorous functional testing to see if the device meets performance and safety qualifications. This is part of the __________________________________________ phase of the new-product development process.screeningBrittany recently moved to a new city and is trying to find a new mechanic to do maintenance and repair on her car. She visits several places to judge their overall appearance, cleanliness, and organization and finally chooses a mechanic. Brittany was trying to overcome the ________________________________ aspect of servicesintangibilityIf Best Western bundles its rooms with services such as free local phone calls, cable television, wireless Internet access, and complimentary breakfast, these services are known as _______________________________ servicessupplementaryBethany and Joseph are preparing budgets for a new product as well as finalizing plans for the full-scale marketing and manufacturing of the new UtiliBot. They are in the _____________________________________ phase of the new-product development process.commercializationChanges that affect a product's versatility, effectiveness, convenience, or safety are called _____________________________ modifications.functionalLarissa is a concert promoter who works for singer Kanye West. She works very hard to make sure most of Kanye's concerts are sold out because she understands the concept of _____________________________________ which means that if the tickets are not sold, seats will remain empty and they can never be sold to anyone again for that specific concert.perishabilityIn the Chapter 11 lecture, Colgate Calming Clean toothpaste with hemp seed oil was an example of a(n) _______________________________________________.line extensionAdvertisements for Suave shampoos emphasize that other shampoos may cost more but don't work any better than Suave. In this example, Suave is competing on the basis of _______________________________________.priceIf Florida Gas and Electric increased its rates by 10% and experienced a 2% reduction in the demand for power, the demand would be _______________________________inelasticAdidas is establishing a ____________________________ pricing objective to maintain or increase its product's sales in relation to total industry shareFor most products, a(n) _______________________________ relationship exists between the price of a particular product and the quantity demanded.inverseA measure of sensitivity of demand in relation to changes in price is ______________________.elasticity of demandFood King grocery stores offer candy bars in the checkout lanes for $0.99 rather than $1.00. This use of ____________________ pricing should help increase sales of the candy bars.odd-numberAn organization would use a(n) ______________________________________ pricing objective if it were in a favorable position and desired nothing morestatus quoExecutives in Japan decided to price Lexus luxury cars in the United States at $55,000 while pricing them at $66,000 in their own country. This is an example of ________________________. A problem associated with ___________________________________ is that consumers can predict when prices will be lowered and delay purchases until that time.secondary-marketing pricing ; periodic discountingIf Norwegian Cruise Lines increased the price of its seven-day cruise package by 10% and, as a result, experienced a 20% decline in customer bookings, Norwegian's demand would be ________________________________.elasticDunlop managers notice that when the number of tires the company sells increases from 1,000,000 to 1,000,001, total revenue rises $35. The $35 represents the firm's __________________________________________.marginal revenueIf Acer uses ______________________________ pricing for its newest Chromebook, it is probably most interested in obtaining market share; and it is assumingpenetrationA product that has more features than those of its competition, or that is perceived to be of higher quality, warrants using a(n) _________________________________________ pricing strategy.premium__________________________________________ is used when costs and revenues are secondary to competitors' prices.competition-based pricingIn the Whole Foods example we discussed in Chapter 12, Amazon reduced the price of ______________________________________ to be more competitive with Kroger, Walmart, and Trader Joe's.produceExample in class of shopping productschairExample in class of unsought productslife insuranceExample in class of convenience productsoftsoapExample in class of speciality productluxury carExample in class of Manufacturer brandintel inside (sticker inside hp laptops)Example in class of Private distributor brandPublix candy cornExample in class of generic brandsibuprofen