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Ch. 8 Quiz: Important People

George Washington
As President, this man helped to disband the Whiskey Rebellion, keep the United States neutral in foreign affairs, and improve the economy.
Thomas Jefferson
As our first Secretary of State, this man believed that we should have a strict interpretation of the Constitution.
Alexander Hamilton
As our first Secretary of the Treasury, this man created a three-part financial plan to fix our nation's economy. He had a loose interpretation of the Constitution.
John Adams
As our first Vice President, this man was jealous that he was not President. He also was a Federalist.
John Jay
As our first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, this man had a treaty named after him.
Aaron Burr
This man is a Republican that was in a duel. He was charged with murder for killing a man in this very duel.
James Madison
A writer of the federalist papers that argued factions were selfish groups, unconcerned with the well-being of the whole nation.
Anthony Wayne
The military leader that Washington sent to the Ohio River Valley to fight a series of battles against the Native Americans. His victory at The Battle of Fallen Timbers opened up the land for American settlement.
Edmund Randolph
As the first Attorney General, this man advised George Washington on legal matters.