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US 05 - Civil War: Terms

Siege of Vicksburg
Union army's blockade of Vicksburg, MIssissippi, that led the city to surrender during th Civil War
Gettysburg Address
speech given by president Abraham Lincoln to dedicate a cemetery at the Gettysburg battlefield; classic statement of democratic ideals.
Anaconda Plan
Union plan during Civil War for a naval blokade; compared to an Anaconda snake
Abraham Lincoln
His election directly led to the secession of the Confederate States; led the union through the Civil War; Author of the Gettysburg address and Emancipation Proclamation; consider by many to be the greatest president of all time.
Jefferson Davis
Senator from Mississippi chosen as president of the Condferate States of America
Robert E. Lee
Commander of all Confederate Forces. Widely Regarded as one of the greatest military minds in history.
Ulysses S. Grant
Final commanding officer chosen by Lincoln; and the first and only to exploit his resources and advantages effectively; nicknamed "The Butcher" for his willingness to do whatever it took to win a fight
William Sherman
US Grant's right hand man, and most trusted officer; his "march to the sea" completely helped to demoralize the South and accelerate the conclusion of the war
Total War
destroying an opponent's ability to fight by attacking civilian, economic, and military targets
Forced recruitment of troops into the army to meet the needs of war.
Emancipation Proclamation
Order announced by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862 that freed the slaves in areas rebelling against the Union; took effect January 1, 1863.
Battle of Antietam
Union victory in Maryland during the Civil War that marked the bloodiest single-day battle in US military history. Gave Lincoln the momentum to announce the Emancipation Proclamation
Battle of Gettysburg
Union Victory at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during the Civil War that turned the tide against the Confederates; more than 50,000 soldiers died or were wounded
Habeas Corpus
Protection against unlawful imprisonment
War of Attrition
Union General Grant's Civil War strategy of fighting until the South ran out of men supplies, and will.

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