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Ela 2 Ms. Molina Ex.2 Page 69


quality or instance of being disrespectful and insulting; impudence


having a tendency, inclined; lying flat, face down


a turning aside, as of traffic or attention; a game or pastime; a recreation


to destroy completely; to vanquish; to make ineffectual or unimportant; to kill


to remove undesirable elements from; to rid; to remove by cleansing; n. the removal of members by a higher authority


state of being restrained, avoidance of excesses; presiding over, as a meeting; mediation


an act of granting or yielding; something granted or yielded;a privilege, such as the right to use land, granted for a specific purpose


obviously bad; notorious; outrageous


to destroy or kill a large part of


to escape or avoid something, especially by using deceit or cleverness; to avoid doing or answering something directly

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