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  1. elections
  2. president
  3. council
  4. capital
  5. constitution
  1. a how citizens choose many of their government leaders
  2. b a group of people chosen by citizens to make choices for them
  3. c a written set of rules that the government must follow
  4. d a city in which a state's or country's government meets and works
  5. e leader of the United States

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  1. explains what the symbols on a map mean
  2. a rule that citizens must follow
  3. leader of a state
  4. a group of citizens that runs a community, state, or country
  5. a person who lives in and belongs to a community

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  1. communitypeople who work and play together


  2. solutiona way to solve a problem


  3. taxa rule that citizens must follow


  4. ballotleads a city or town


  5. government servicesomething that the government of a community provides for all the citizens