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  1. tax
  2. government service
  3. responsibility
  4. right
  5. judge
  1. a something you should take care of or do
  2. b the person in chage of a court that makes sure the court protects the rights of all citizens
  3. c money people pay to the government
  4. d a kind of freedom
  5. e something that the government of a community provides for all the citizens

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  1. leads a city or town
  2. explains what the symbols on a map mean
  3. how citizens choose many of their government leaders
  4. a list of all the choices in an election
  5. people who work and play together

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  1. councila city in which a state's or country's government meets and works


  2. constitutiona written set of rules that the government must follow


  3. presidentthe leader of the United States government


  4. problema choice that gets counted


  5. governora group of citizens that runs a community, state, or country