10 terms

first aid

chapter 10
What type of dressing is made of large, thick absorbent sterile materials?
trauma dressings
Which of the following would be used as a dressing?
gauze pads
Which of the following would be signs that a bandage is too tight?
blue tinge of nails, blue/pale skin, tingling, coldness of extremity, cant move toes or fingers, pulse cant be felt
Which bandage would be most appropriate for use as a sling?
triangular bandage
Which method of applying a roller bandage can be used to cover a wound of the leg?
spiral method
The most appropriate bandage for sprains and contusions would be:
elastic roller
What is the purpose of a dressing?
control bleeding, prevent infection, absorb blood, protect wound from further injury
What is the purpose of a bandage?
hold dressing in place, apply direct pressure, prevent/reduce swelling, provide support
When applying a sterile dressing, be sure not to
cough, touch, or talk over wound
Which type of dressing is useful for small wounds?
adhesive strips and gauze pads