Unit 6 Vocab

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Dispassionatenot influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial.Empatheticshowing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.Integratecombine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole.Intentiona thing intended; an aim or plan.Incoherent(of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.Liableresponsible by law; legally answerable or likely to do or to be something.Persuasivegood at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptationSqueamish(of a person) easily made to feel sick, faint, or disgusted, especially by unpleasant images, such as the sight of blood.Viablecapable of working successfully.Vulnerablesusceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.