Nutrition #2 exam Qs

The distinguishing feature of amino acids is the amine group, which is the body's source of nitrogen. (pg 285)
First part of the statement is true, the second is false.
First part of the statement is false second is true
Both parts of the statements are true
Both parts of the statements are false
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Nitrogen balance refers to _____ .
The balance of reactions in which protein substances are broken down or destroyed and rebuilt
The fundamental component of every human cell
Metabolic signals influencing protein synthesis, inflammation responses and satiety,
among other metabolic functions
None of the above
Insulin is the primary hormone that lowers blood glucose levels. When hyperglycemia occurs, insulin is secreted to increase blood glucose levels. (pg.391 ebook) A. Bothstatementsaretrue B. Bothstatementsarefalse C. First statement is true, second is false D. Firststatementisfalse,secondistrueFirst statement is true, second is falseAlcohol is metabolized primarily by the _____. (pg.396 ebook) A. Pancreas B. Liver C. Kidneys D. StomachLiverA process of hydrolyzing triglycerides to enter Krebs cycle for energy production is called. A. Reduction B. Polymerization C. Oxidation D. SolubilityOxidationWhat plays a dominant role in heavy exercise when the muscle's oxygen supply is limited. A. Protein B. Milk C. Testosterone D. CarbohydratesCarbohydratesVitamins are similar to hormones because of their potent effects. But they must come from an outside source because they either cannot be produced by the body or cannot be produced in adequate amounts to meet physiological needs. First statement is true, second statement is false First statement is false, second statement is true Both statements are true Both statements are falseBoth statements are trueAll of the following characteristics best describes fat soluble vitamins EXCEPT They are fairly stable to heat, cooking They are organic substances (contain carbon) Larger amounts cannot be stored in the body They require bile for absorption All of the aboveLarger amounts cannot be stored in the bodyWhat type of patient is at a greater risk for vitamin deficiencies? A patient with mobile teeth A patient with ill-fitting dentures and.or partials A patient with edentulous areas All of the aboveAll of the aboveThis type of vitamin is necessary for growth of soft tissues and bones; retinol is the dietary source of this vitamin. Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin KVitamin AThe ___ stores approximately 90% of vitamin A Kidneys Lungs Adipose tissue LiverLiverInadequate amounts of vitamin C during tooth development may cause changes in ameloblasts and odontoblasts resulting in scorbutic changes in teeth. Older patients, smokers, patients undergoing hemodialysis, and drug abusers are at greater risk to become scorbutic. A. Firststatementisfalse,thesecondistrue B. Firststatementistrue,thesecondisfalse C. Both statements are true D. Both statements are falseBoth statements are trueExcessive amounts of vitamin __ or __ or both have a detrimental effect on vitamin K absorption. (152) A. C or D B. A or C C. A or E D. D or EA or EA vitamin deficiency caused by inadequate absorption or use, increased requirements, excretion, or destruction is called a _________ deficiency. (139) A. Primary B. Secondary C. Tertiary D. None of the aboveSecondaryWhich of the following vitamins is not a fat-soluble vitamin? Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin C Vitamin EVitamin CAll of the following are true about vitamins, except? A. Vitaminsdonotprovideenergy B. Vitaminsarecatalystsforallmetabolicreactions C. Vitaminsaresimilartohormonesbecauseoftheirpotenteffect D. Vitamins contain caloriesVitamins contain caloriesScurvy is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin? A. Vitamin A B. VitaminD C. VitaminE D. Vitamin KVitamin A