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I have many avocations like going to play tennis, cooking different types of food, and reading fantasy books.
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Ed Sheeran, a singer from the UK, sometimes travels to the US.To set off an appositiveThe festival, which was held indoors, begins at noon.To set off an adjective clause that is not essential to the meaning of the sentence.Before I go to school, I eat breakfast.After an INTRODUCTORY adverb clause (dependent clause). THE ADVERB HAS TO BE AT THE BEGINNING TO MAKE THE SENTENCE HAVE A COMMA!!!The tennis match which was supposed to happen on Friday was postponed to Monday.Correct, the adjective clause is essential.Since I have to go to school I have to wake up early.Comma between school and I, since there was an adverb at the beginning of the sentence.Albert Einstein who is well known formulated the theory of relativity.Comma after Einstein and comma after known. This adjective clause is not essential, as we did not need to know that he is well known to gain context about him formulating the theory of relativity.He wasn't there in school today so he had to make up the homework the very next dayComma before so, and period after day. Since there is a conjunction from FANBOYS, you need to add a comma before the word.Jeff the new student had never seen the school he was going to.Commas around "the new student". This is because it is an appositive.I loved that story because it was very rich in literature.Correct And I probably would not enjoy a story that is rich in literature.I am from India; nevertheless I eat American food once in a while.A comma after nevertheless. This is because it is a conjunctive adverb, and you need commas after them.Jeff the person wearing the green shirt needs a haircutCommas around "the person wearing the green shirt". This is unnecessary information, as the sentence is fine without it.Thinking about my life choices I decided to finally start my homework.Comma after choices. This is because the sentence has a participle at the beginning of the sentence, making it a participial phrase. Hence, it needs a comma.Under the bridge and next to the lamppost there was a bird.Commas after lampost. This is because it has two prepositional phrases.Yes I love ice creamComma after yes, since it is an introductory wordHello my name is bob. I live in Los Angeles, California and I love eating broccoli spinach and asparagus. My mom always states, "Bob eat more pasta"! Thinking back to when my mom said that I probably should have eaten more pasta. Although I don't eat pasta I do eat pizza. I live at 1234 bob Road, Los Angeles CA with my aunt. By December 2 1999, I will be able to eat pasta. ByeAdd commas after hello, California, broccoli, spinach, when my mom said that, although I don't eat pasta, CA, and 2. Capitalize bob and 1234 bob Road. Switch the quotation mark and the exclamation mark around and finally, add a period after bye.