Chapter 10 Online Quiz U.S. History

Who did Spain transfer their North American territory to in 1802?
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The American slogan "Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute", refers to which conflict?Barbary WarsJ.Q. Adams lacked the political savvy to implement many of his programs and like his father, served only one term.TrueWhich of the following describes Jefferson?Democratic Republican confirmed agriculturalist Champion of the common man strict ConstitutionalistAs a result of the ______________________________________(what group) holding the "secret" _____________________________, their party will never recover.Federalist/ Hartford ConventionHow did Jefferson propose to raise government revenue? (check all that apply)customs duties sale of western landDivorce is one aspect of family law that did change in the early Republic.TrueThe Battle of New Orleans was critical for bringing about the end of the war with Britian?FalseAs a reaction to the British's actions on the high seas, the Embargo Act of 1807 made Britain suffer economically.FalseThe British Navy began to ________________________________ American sailors in 1806.impressWhile the Battle of Tippecanoe was heralded as a great American victory, Tecumseh was now more ready than ever to make war on the United States and join forces with the British.TrueWhat city, in particular, what did Jefferson want to secure the purchase of? Why? (check all that apply)New Orleans/strategic port city New Orleans/important as a water highway to the Mississippi River for movement of growing interior agricultural productionMarbury VS Madison was the first case of judicial review by the Supreme Court.TrueJohn Quincy Adams won the popular vote to take the Presidency in 1824.FalseThe Treaty of _____________________ ends the War of 1812.GhentThe Missouri Compromise added what new state(s) to the USA? (check all that apply)Maine/free state Missouri/slave stateDespite the confusion from November to February of who was to be President, ultimately the election of 1800 demonstrated that leadership could shift from one group to another peacefully.TrueWho went to gather information on this new acquisition? (check all that apply)Meriwether Lewis William Clark SacajaweaNew, younger members of Congress, did not welcome war.FalseThe southern boundary of Nebraska was to be the permanent line dividing slave and free states.False________________ from the _________________ party succeeded Federalist President Adams in 1800.Jefferson/Democratic RepublicanAfter 2 terms in office, Jefferson was succeeded by James Madison, a Federalist, in 1808.FalseDuring the War of 1812, the British attempt to, but are unsuccessful in, burning down the White House.False