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  1. The act that added the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to the U.S. and repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed settlers to vote if slavery should be legal or illegal in the new territories
  2. The five bills passed in 1850 that were part of Clay's plan and divided by Stephen A. Douglas
  3. A senator from Kentucky that proposed a series of amendments to the Constitution
  4. What reasons did Taney give for Dred Scott's statue as an enslaved person
  5. How did Stephen Douglas help win approval of the Compromise of 1850?
  1. a Dred Scott was considered property and the court could not take away property
  2. b John Crittenden
  3. c Compromise of 1850
  4. d He divided it into parts that could be voted on separately
  5. e Kansas-Nebraska Act

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  1. inevitable
  2. the people would vote on if there should be slavery or not
  3. to keep the south from seceding the Union
  4. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  5. Abraham Lincoln

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  1. to not take part in some activity, such as votingabstain


  2. rights and powers independent of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the Constitution, the belief that states' rights supersede federal rights and lawstates' rights


  3. how did southerners expect northerners to react to the fugitive slave act? how did the northerners actually react?they believed that it would force the northerners to recognize the right of the southerners. instead it exposed many northerners to the evils of slavery and many northerners refused to obey the act.


  4. The U.S. fort on an island guarding Charleston harborFort Sumter


  5. firm and inflexiblerigid