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  1. The senator that divided Clay's plan into parts that could be voted on separately
  2. What action did south carolina take after lincoln won the election of 1860?
  3. The name of the states that seceded from the Union
  4. How did Stephen Douglas help win approval of the Compromise of 1850?
  5. to leave or withdraw
  1. a Confederate States of America
  2. b Stephen A. Douglas
  3. c He divided it into parts that could be voted on separately
  4. d south carolina fought back
  5. e secede

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  1. anitslavery
  2. John Crittenden
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. its was the first battle of the civil war and the south fired the first shot
  5. find reason to support

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  1. The act that added the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to the U.S. and repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed settlers to vote if slavery should be legal or illegal in the new territoriesKansas-Nebraska Act


  2. to controlregulate


  3. The act that was an attempt to pacify slaveholders during 1850 that required all citizens to help catch runaways (runaway slaves)Wilmot Proviso


  4. How did the Missouri Compromise preserve the balance of power in the U.S. Senate?lincoln was not very experienced, and the debates gave him experience


  5. running away or trying to run awayfugitive


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