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  1. loyalty to a region
  2. An enslaved African American bought by and Army doctor in missouri (a slave state) that sued for his freedom
  3. the compromise that was created to preserve the balance between slave and free states in the Senate
  4. How did the lincoln-douglas debates benefit lincoln?
  5. The U.S. fort on an island guarding Charleston harbor
  1. a Missouri Compromise
  2. b sectionalism
  3. c Dred Scott
  4. d lincoln was not very experienced, and the debates gave him experience
  5. e Fort Sumter

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  1. Dred Scott was considered property and the court could not take away property
  2. its was the first battle of the civil war and the south fired the first shot
  3. Jefferson Davis
  4. martyr
  5. rigid

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  1. how would the issue of slavery in kansas and nebraska be decided under the kansas-nebraska act?Kansas-Nebraska Act


  2. The name of the states that seceded from the Unionsecession


  3. Political theory that government is subject to the will of the people (let the people decide)popular sovereignty


  4. subject of disscussionsectionalism


  5. The experienced diplomat and former member of congress from Pennsylvania chosen by the democrats as their candidate for presidentJames Buchanan