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  1. A hindu god portrayed with a long white beard, and multiple arms
  2. _______ is the highest level on the Hindu Caste system. Priests, Sages, Scholars, and teachers are all members of this wealthy, upper social class. This caste is important because it is every Hindu's goal to be in this specific sect.
  3. A hindu god with blue skin and coiled up shackles.

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  1. KarmaA way to unify the body and spirit. There is _______ for study, physical, religion, contemplation


  2. Moksha_________ is when, in most Indian religions (HInduism/Buddhism), a person is enlightened and released from the cycle of dying and reincarnation. This is achieved only after many lives as a human, animal, or other living thing. Very important as it's the most important Buddhist goal. (to achieve nirvana is, but this is part of it)


  3. Shiva (the destroyer)A hindu god with blue skin and coiled up shackles.