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  1. A hindu god portrayed with a trident, white bull, and cobra wrapped around his neck, to symbolize his control.
  2. A hindu god portrayed with a long white beard, and multiple arms
  3. __________ was a city of the Harrapan civilization. Located on the Indus River, it was one of the, if not the largest city in Harrapa. It is important because it was an incredibly advanced city for its time, very well planned out and had advanced water and sewage systems.

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  1. YogaA way to unify the body and spirit. There is _______ for study, physical, religion, contemplation


  2. Dukkha (Life is Suffering)A hindu god with blue skin and coiled up shackles.


  3. Karma________ is a concept that originated in ancient India. _______ is more or less the cause of effect, meaning that if you have good karma, good things will happen to you, and vice versa with bad karma.


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