Math ch 3

form 8 angles when intersecting 2 other lines
corresponding angles
any pair of angles in similiar locations with respect to the transversal and other lines
----->--- if two lines have the same clope and they are cut by the same traversal line
corresponding angles postulate
two corresponding angles have the same measure if the lines are parrallel
(look at notebook drawings before test)
how to find slope
parrallel slopes and lines theorem
two non vertical lines are parrellel if they have the same slope
transitivity of parrallelism theorem
if a is parrellel to b and b is parallel to c then a is parrellel to c
perpendicular lines
two segments rays or lines are perpendicular if they form a 90 degree angle ----l-----
two perpendicular theorem
if two coplaners are each perpendicular to the same line then they are parrellel
perpendicular to parallel theorem
if they lie perpendicularto one of the two parraelle lines then it must be perpendicular to the other (lok=ok at notebook before test)
perpendicular lines and slope theorem
if the slope of a perpenddicular liine is m then the slope of a lineperpendicular to it is
bisector of a segment
if any point line or ray or other segmetn that itersects a segment at its midpoint
perpendicular bisector
a bisector that is perpendicular to the segment