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  1. face value
  2. mortgage bond
  3. debenture
  4. serial bonds
  5. maturity date
  1. a the dollar amount that the bondholder (person who owns the bond) will recieve at the bond's maturity.
  2. b is the date when a bond will be repaid.
  3. c are bonds issued at the same time that mature on different dates.
  4. d a bond that is backed only by the reputation of the issuing corporation rather than its specific assets.
  5. e sometimes referred to as a secured bond, is a bond that is backed by assets of the corporation.

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  1. amount one share of a mutual fund is worth.
  2. are payments made to shareholders that result from the sale of securities in the fund's portfolio.
  3. a mutual fund with an unlimited number of shares that are issued and redeemed by an investment company at the investors' request.
  4. are the earnings a fund pays to shareholders.
  5. a bond that is backed by the full faith and credit of the government that issued it.

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  1. bearer bondare bonds issued at the same time that mature on different dates.


  2. zero-coupon bonda bond that is repaid from the income generated by the project it is designed to finance.


  3. load funda mutual fund in which the individual investor pays no commision.


  4. 12b-1 feea fee that an investment company charges to help pay for marketing and advertising a mutual fund.


  5. call featureallows a corporation to buy back bonds from bondholders before the maturity date.