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  1. mortgage bond
  2. maturity date
  3. call feature
  4. load fund
  5. capital gain
  1. a sometimes referred to as a secured bond, is a bond that is backed by assets of the corporation.
  2. b is the date when a bond will be repaid.
  3. c a mutual fund in which in which you pay a commision every time you purchase mutual fund in which you pay a commision every time you purchase shares.
  4. d allows a corporation to buy back bonds from bondholders before the maturity date.
  5. e the profit you make from selling your shares in a mutual fund for a higher price than you paid for them.

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  1. are bonds that are issued by financially stable companies or municipalities.
  2. a bond that is backed only by the reputation of the issuing corporation rather than its specific assets.
  3. sometimes called a "muni" is a security issued by a state or local (town,city,county) government to pay for its ongoing activities.
  4. are the earnings a fund pays to shareholders.
  5. is the rate of return, usually stated as a percentage, earned by an investor who holds a bond for a certain period of time.

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  1. capital gain distributionsare payments made to shareholders that result from the sale of securities in the fund's portfolio.


  2. closed-end funda mutual fund with a fixed number of shares that are issued by an investment company when the fund is first organized.


  3. revenue bonda bond that is not registered in the investor's name.


  4. zero-coupon bonda bond that is repaid from the income generated by the project it is designed to finance.


  5. subordinated debenturean unsecured bond that gives bond-holders a claim to interest payments and assets of the corporation only after all other bondholders have been paid.