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  1. net asset value
  2. registered bond
  3. sinking fund
  4. maturity date
  5. income dividends
  1. a is the date when a bond will be repaid.
  2. b a bond registered in the owner's name by the company that issues the bond.
  3. c a fund to which a corporation makes deposits for the purpose of paying back a bond issue.
  4. d amount one share of a mutual fund is worth.
  5. e are the earnings a fund pays to shareholders.

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  1. is the rate of return, usually stated as a percentage, earned by an investor who holds a bond for a certain period of time.
  2. allows a corporation to buy back bonds from bondholders before the maturity date.
  3. a mutual fund with a fixed number of shares that are issued by an investment company when the fund is first organized.
  4. the dollar amount that the bondholder (person who owns the bond) will recieve at the bond's maturity.
  5. are bonds issued at the same time that mature on different dates.

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  1. subordinated debenturea legal document that details all of the conditions pertaining to a particular bond issue.


  2. zero-coupon bondsometimes called a "muni" is a security issued by a state or local (town,city,county) government to pay for its ongoing activities.


  3. convertible bonda bond that an investor can trade for shares of the corporation's common stock.


  4. prospectsa report that provides potential investors with detailed information about a particular mutual fund.


  5. capital gainthe profit you make from selling your shares in a mutual fund for a higher price than you paid for them.