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Food Issues

How healthy is your diet? What types of food do you think are healthy? What types of food do you try to avoid? Are you allergic to any food or drink? What do you think are benefits or drawbacks of being vegetarian? Why do you think so many Americans are obese? Do you think the government should regulate the food industry more? If so, how? What do you think are good ways to encourage people to eat healthier food? What types of eating problems have your heard of? What happens? What are ways of…

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He is __________. = does not eat meat
She is __________. = doesn't eat any meat products including dairy, eggs, etc.
end up
Many people _________ eating fast food because they don't have time to cook. = do something that you maybe didn't want because you didn't have a plan or time
She takes vitamin ______. = something that you add to your normal diet to improve it or make it complete
______ is especially common among young women. =a mental illness that makes someone stop eating
There was a girl in my high school who was ______. = an illness in which a person cannot stop themselves from eating too much, and then vomits in order to control their weight
Most farmers use ______. = chemical substances used to kill insects and small animals that destroy crops
Some _______ can get into the fruit or vegetable and have bad effects on people. = a substance used to kill unwanted plants
He eats a lot of ______ foods. = when food has substances added to it before it is sold, in order to preserve it, improve its color
Many foods in American supermarkets have ______. = chemical substances that are used to prevent food from going bad
Some people are allergic to ______. = a sticky protein substance that is found in wheat flour
Most American restaurants give very large _____. = an amount of food for one person, especially when served in a restaurant
Ice-cream is very high in _______. = a unit for measuring the amount of energy that food will produce
Pizza is very ______. = food that is likely to make you fat
Bread has a lot of ______. = a substance that is in foods such as sugar, bread, potatoes, which provides your body with heat and energy and which consists of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon
Fruits and vegetables have lots of _____. = chemical substances in food that are necessary for good health. Ex. ___ A, ____ B, ___C
Fish has lots of vitamins and ______. = a natural substance such as iron that is present in some foods and is important for good health
Human beings are naturally _______. = an animal that eats both meat and plants
Lions are ______. = an animal that eats flesh
Cows are ______. = an animal that only eats plants
Some people think that the government should _____ sugar more. = to control an activity or process, especially by rules
The _____ came out with a new regulation. = the abbreviation for Food and Drug Administration = a US government organization which makes sure that foods and drugs are safe enough to be sold. It decides which chemicals can legally be added to food, which medical drugs are safe, and how information about food and drugs should be shown on containers.
It is important to _____ the amount of sugar that you eat. = to stop someone from doing what they want
He is a _______ chef. = producing or relating to very good food and drink
She chewed slowly, and ____ every bite. = to fully enjoy the taste or smell of something
Many farmers produce _____. = genetically modified organisms; a plant or other living thing whose genes have been changed by scientists, especially in order to make it less likely to get diseases or be harmed by insects
______ is a major problem in the U.S. = when someone is very fat in a way that is unhealthy
They need to _____ the amount of sugar that they are eating. = to make something smaller or less in size, amount, or price
There are many health _____ associated with eating too much sugar. = the possibility that something bad, unpleasant, or dangerous may happen
She has _____. = a serious disease in which there is too much sugar in your blood
What is the ____ of vitamin C? = the amount of substances such as vitamins that you should have every day
Fruits and vegetables are high in ____. = the parts of plants that you eat but cannot digest. It helps to keep you healthy by moving food quickly through your body
It is not healthy to eat a lot of _____. = a small amount of food that is eaten between main meals or instead of a meal
He is a bit _____. = when someone is too heavy.
He is quite _____. = very fat in a way that is unhealthy
She has a very refined _____. = the sense of taste, and especially your ability to enjoy or judge food
The _____ of alcohol at universities is very high. = the act of eating or drinking
Americans _____ a lot of junk food. = to eat or drink something
They _____ all of the fruits and vegetables. = to examine something carefully in order to find out there something is wrong with it
This fruit was _______ organic by the USDA. = to state that something is correct or true
Stores sell a lot of ______ foods. = made at an earlier time, so that it is ready to eat
She has a healthy ____. = the food that a person eats each day
She is on a _____. = eating only certain foods so you can lose weight.
People often ____ fat in their legs, stomach area, or bottom. = to put things away and keep them until you need them
Poor _____ can lead to many health problems. = the process of giving or getting the right type of food for good health and growth
Whole wheat bread is more _______ than white bread. = food that is full of the natural substances that your body needs to stay healthy or to grow properly.
Some people want to ____ soda at schools. = to say that something is no longer legal or allowed.
There are many people in _______. =the situation or experience of being poor
He always reads the _____ on food packages. = a piece of paper or another material that is attached to something and gives information about it
This drink comes in several ______. =the particular taste of a food or drink
Their products do not have any ______. = substances that are added to food to improve its taste, appearance
This soup has a nice creamy _____. = the way that a particular type of food feels in your mouth
cut down
She is trying to ______ on sugar. = eat, drink, or use less
The children in that picture are _____. = unhealthy and weak because you have not had enough food or the right type of food
Fresh fruit and vegetables are not ______ in some areas. = can easily be bought or found:
People need _____ to clean water. = the ability to get something easily
In the U.S. the ______ of foods are listed on packages. = one of the foods that you use to make a particular food or dish
He has a good _____ for tomato soup. = a set of instructions for cooking a particular type of food
will power
He doesn't have much _______ at night. = the ability to to do or not do something that you have decided to do, even if this is difficult
They were ______ eating while they watched TV. = doing something without thinking about it; usually a negative thing
They _____ healthy food at the school cafeteria. = to give someone food or drink, especially as part of a meal or in a restaurant, bar
They have a big _____. = a desire for food
She wants to _____ some weight. = increase; get more
He _____ a few pounds. = decreased; have less
Many people ______ with their weight. = to try extremely hard to achieve something, even though it is very difficult
Many Americans buy food in large ______. = an amount of something that can be counted or measured
comfort food
People often eat ______ when they are tired at the end of the day. = simple food that makes you feel relaxed and happy, but which is usually high in calories. Ex. peanut butter, pasta, cheese
There are many _____ plants. = something that can be eaten; not poisonous or terrible
She is _____ to nuts. = when someone has a medical condition in which they become ill or in which their skin becomes red and painful because they have eaten or touched a particular substance
There are a lot of ______ sweeteners that people use. = not made of natural things but made to be like something that is real or natural
There are no artificial ______ in this product. = a substance used to make food or drink taste sweeter:
This milk was ______. = when something has been heated using a special process in order to kill any harmful bacteria in it
He bought some _____ milk. = milk has had the cream on top mixed with the milk
Farming is heavily _________ by the government.= when the government pays part of the costs to support an industry
It is important to have a ______ diet. = has different things in the right amount.
taste buds
Children have very sensitive ______. = one of the small parts of the surface of your tongue with which you can taste things
corn syrup
One reason soda is cheap because they use _____ instead of sugar. = a very sweet thick liquid made from corn and used in cooking