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History Section 3 Chapter 6 The Age of Powerful Monarchs

Divine Right of Kings
The belief that the authority of kings comes directly from God.
Absolute Monarch
A king or queen with complete authority over the government and people in a kingdom.
The palace built for the French King Louis XIV.
Elizabethan Age
A golden age of English history when Elizabeth I was queen, 1558-1603.
The Russian emperor.
T or F? During the 1600s and early 1700s, people in Europe believed in free elections to choose the king.
F, in Europe at this time, the people did not choose their leaders and they believed that God chose the king.
T or F? From the 1400s to the 1700s, much of Europe was governed by absolute monarchs-royal rulers with authority over the government and people in his or her kingdom.
T or F? King Louis XIV of France was so powerful that he became known as the Lion King.
F, he was known as the Sun King.
T or F? Queen Elizabeth I became the most powerful and successful ruler England had ever known.
T or F? During Elizabeth's rule, called the Elizabethan Age, England became more powerful and prosperous, and the sciences and arts flourished.
T or F? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella used their power to strengthen the Protestant Church throughout Spain.
F, they used their power to strengthen the Roman Catholic Church throughout Spain.
T of F? When he became czar of Russia in 1682, Peter the Great modernized the Russian army and navy and improved Russian farming and industry.